Fat, Oil and Grease

BASA FOG Program

As one of the leading causes of sanitary sewer backups, fats, oils, and grease (FOG), is of major concern to Butler Area Sewer Authority (BASA). Food service establishments, automotive garages and car washes are some of the leading contributors. To combat FOG and eliminate it at the source, §200-1.25 of the rules and regulations was established that allowed for BASA to identify commercial FOG users, require the installation of interior or exterior FOG interceptors, assign maintenance schedules. If identified as a FOG user, an incoming or established business may be required to take the following steps:

To properly halt FOG from entering the sanitary sewer collection network, an interceptor of sufficient size must be installed. Flow rate, quantity of grease, and business type allow BASA to determine which of the following interior or exterior sizing sheets are appropriate. BASA must approve of the final size.

Once a proper size is known, the interceptor model is chosen by the FOG user referencing BASA’s specification sheets found below. Interceptor cut sheets and plumbing plans must be approved by BASA. Sanitary sewer plan reviews are subject to fees found in the latest fee resolution consistent with §300-1.07. All fixtures referenced under §200-1.25 A.4 are required to be connected to the FOG interceptor.

Cleaning Schedule

 To keep an interceptor working effectively, a proper cleaning schedule must be assigned based on the FOG produced. For food service establishments, the following methodology is used. To calculate your “Days Per Pump Out,” please use the following FOG production sheets:

FOG Interceptor Capacity    ÷  〈 Meals Per Day x  Grease Production Value〉   =  Days Per Pump Out


FOG Interior Interceptor Production Sheet (Restaurant)

FOG Exterior Interceptor Production Sheet (Restaurant)

FOG Exterior Oil & Grit Interceptor Sizing Sheet (Auto Garage)

FOG Exterior Oil & Grit Interceptor Sizing Sheet (Car Wash)

FOG Interior Interceptor Sizing Sheet ( Restaurant) 

FOG Exterior Interceptor Sizing Sheet ( Restaurant)